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Friday, November 30, 2012

Got the call...Sunday is the BIG day!!

Today is day 3 after egg retrieval and I got a call from my friend at PREG around 6:45 this morning about whether I needed the transfer done today or Sunday. She sounded super happy when I answered so I knew everything was looking good.

All the numbers can be kind of confusing, so here they are again: They retrieved 22 eggs on retrieval day and out of those, 13 were mature enough to fertilize. On the day after retrieval they checked on those 13 and only 9 were viable embryos. So I asked you guys to really pray for those 9 embryos to stay healthy, grow appropriately, and start cell dividing correctly.

This morning, we have 8 embryos still growing, and 1 of them didn't make it. Of those 8 embryos, 2 of them are straggling behind a little bit and the other 6 look really good! This is great news and I'm hoping by day 5 (transfer day), I'll still have those really good 6 embryos still growing and moving to the blastocyst stage.

What can you pray for moving forward?
-Please pray that the 8 embryos we have will continue growing (and that the 2 stragglers will catch up).
-Please pray for me while I'm still having to take PIO (progesterone in oil) injections each morning, because they make my rear end really sore.
-Please start praying for the embryologist, doctors, and nurses that will be doing the transfer Sunday.

In the middle of me writing this entry, Lindsay JUST called me and I've got the schedule for Sunday. I have to be at PREG at 8:30am with a FULL BLADDER (oh boy!) and the transfer will be at 9am. So, those are the times I need you wonderful prayer partners to pray! Thank you again for all the love and support. It's so nice to have Christian friends and family and even people I don't know backing us and praying for success.

In case you're wondering what these embryos look like, here's a generic photo of what happens to the embryo on the days 1-5 after fertilization:

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