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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser

Most of you who read the blog know that I have been making "Krafts" to raise money for our adoption, but I think our Puzzle fundraiser was hidden in that LONG post about the Krafts. So, I wanted to promote this awesome fundraiser as well!

What is the Puzzle fundraiser?

We created a puzzle with a mommy cat loving on her baby kitten and are selling the puzzle pieces for $5 each. For every puzzle piece you buy, we will write your (your family) name on the back of the puzzle piece(s). After all of the 1000 pieces are bought, we will put the puzzle together, glue it so that it never comes apart, and frame it so that we can see both sides! We will always be reminded who the people were who helped us bring our baby home.

So far, only 6 pieces have been purchased (THANK YOU!!). This means we still have 994 pieces left that need to be purchased so that we can complete the puzzle fundraiser.

Could one of the 994 be yours?

If you do the math:

What if 497 people bought 2 pieces each? We would meet our goal!

What if 50 people bought 20 pieces each? We would meet our goal (and be over a little bit)!

What if you could just buy ONE piece? Well, that just means you have allowed us to get one step closer to bringing our baby home.

So what can YOU do? What can your family do? I hope you will consider going to the donate button at the top right corner of my blog and helping us get one step closer. No amount is insignificant!

If you decide to donate, just make sure we have your first and last name so we can put YOUR name on a piece (or 2 or 3 or 20...)!!

Help us put this beautiful puzzle together!




  1. Hi Katie,

    I have an adoption fundraising idea I'd like to share with you. Could you email me at


    Matthew Lee

  2. Hi Katie!

    What did you use to hold your puzzle together once it was complete? We are doing a similar fundraiser and looking for some suggestions.
    I can be contacted at