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Friday, December 13, 2013

Truly a MERRY MERRY Christmas

Last I posted, I was 12 weeks pregnant and making the BIG announcement. Today, I am currently 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. To even say those words is still a bit unreal. But, the belly is growing and I'm excited for our next appointment. We originally scheduled it for Dec. 26th, but one of my sweet, crafty friends got me in before Christmas. So, we are actually going to our gender ultrasound on Dec. 23rd! What a cool Christmas gift! I had my students at school do a poll on whether they thought the baby would be: boy or girl. It was DEAD EVEN!

People ask what our preference is and our answer is always "It doesn't matter, as long as our baby is  healthy and continues to grow strong." While that is truly our main desire, if I HAD to decide, I think we would say girl, just because we KNOW what her name will be. We (I) have known since way before I even met Jason. So, the poor guy really didn't have a say, but luckily he loves the name. We have a boy name too, but it's not as set in stone. But, really, this is a miracle so whatever the gender, we will be PUMPED!

Please continue to pray for us in this journey, as it is never over. Please pray for the pregnancy to continue to go smoothly and for me to continue to feel great. I feel blessed that I have not really experienced any sickness. Pray for us as we start to think about how much time off I can take when the school year starts back. Pray for us as we decide on childcare after I go back to work. While these decisions seem far away, we know planning for these things is so important as many facilities have waiting lists a mile long.

The Christmas season this year is really that much more special to us. The miracle of the virgin Mary carrying God's son takes on a whole new meaning to us. What a wonderful Savior and an amazing God of many wonders who continues to work miracles in lives everyday. Jason and I pray you have the most wonderful Christmas and that you look to the One who CHRISTmas is all about. We love you and thank God for our friends and family daily! Merry Christmas!

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