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Monday, February 20, 2012

20 days..get it done boys:)

Last time I updated you it was 15 days was day 20. They have done such a great job and are so quick and efficient! We now have doors and windows in which was SUPER exciting to see take place. They are getting some odds and ends finished up on the inside and will probably be out of the way this week sometime. Here's a few new pics since last time I updated you:

So in 5 days, that's what's been done! As far as the rest of the week is concerned, we are expecting our LARGE beams to go up in the great room, plumber is coming tomorrow, inspection of Tyvex paper tomorrow so brick masons can come finishing bricking, we've got some new people to meet. I told my framers I would miss them dearly, but they told me not to worry because they'll be back to trim all the inside stuff later! I was happy to hear that:) More later! Happy Monday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Looks like a house people...

Man, these past 3 weeks have really gone by fast:) I can't believe the guys have only been working for 15 days and this is what we have so far:
Today the guys had to roll out SO much of the black tar paper and pin it to the roof. They couldn't believe how much ROOF we have. They estimated going through about 30 rolls and still have a tiny bit left to do tomorrow. They also have to frame up a small portion of the 2nd story left and right sides of house and then they can WRAP the house in the paper necessary for insulation. 

Windows are supposed to be coming Wednesday. I feel like I always say "It looks so REAL now..." but with windows, WOW! It will really be a house! More to come as more gets done!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

After 9 days..

It is truly amazing what our framers have done in 9 days of work. They started with a foundation:

And in 9 days we have a roof:
These guys are truly amazing and it is so neat to watch it go from nothing to something! We have been blessed with great weather the past couple weeks and this week is looking pretty decent too. It seems like by Wednesday of next week the roof will be finished and ready to be put "in the dry." Those are the 3 words we've been waiting for! We have been praying for amazing weather so that the framers are not put behind schedule, and God has truly blessed us with fantastic weather for January. We are so grateful! I'll update you guys more next week...