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Friday, December 23, 2011

Time for foundation...

As the house building process moves along (slowly, I might add as we've had rain a TON lately), I just wanted to stop and be incredibly thankful to the Lord for all He's blessed my family with. Even through trials and hardship, He never ceases to amaze us with His unconditional love. A friend shared with us last night that whenever they have put the frame of the house up, we should go through every room and write a bible verse on the framework to dedicate our new home to the Lord. I thought that was super neat, so I'm definitely going to make sure that happens. Here's a few pics as of recently of the process.

We were thrilled the process went so fast with the cinderblock and brick in 2 days. Then the rain came and I'm hoping they are out there today doing a good bit of work:)

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas, and remember, after all the presents, yummy breakfast, Christmas movies, etc, Jesus is our reason for the season. Because of His birth in Bethlehem, His sacrifice for us, and His rising from the dead to prepare a place for us, we are HIS! Love you guys!

Monday, December 5, 2011

House update :)

Well, the house building process is coming along!! Last week, they started clearing the lot and today all the trees that needed to come down are down and moved! It's so weird to see the lot cleared!  You can see where the driveway will be, and I can actually get an idea of where everything will be laid out. The other day Jason and I met our builder, George, at the lot to make sure we agreed where the house would sit. We decided to move it about 10-12 feet closer to the road so we would have a little bit more back yard. We MUST be at least 50 feet from the road, so as long as we meet that requirement, we're good to go! Here's a few pics from the other day:)

Jason and I went browsing through the woods behind our lot and it was gorgeous! I'm sure we will see lots of fun things once we're there everyday! We even saw some deer tracks that were fresh. We have heard that we will have lots of visitors when we move in...animal visitors that is!

We also went to the Clemson game Saturday in Charlotte. We normally go to several a year, but this was our first one this season, and sadly it was the last game. BUT, we won! We are the ACC champs! It was a great game to go to. Here's a few pics from the day!


Lastly, here's some progress pics of the lot! More to come as things progress further! From beginning to NOW!

Finally, all the trees are DOWN, digging has begun for the partial basement, and we are ready for the final grading to happen. Next step, let's pour the footings!