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Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 11 FUNdraising Friday Update

I am writing in such an EXCITED mood tonight. Today was the last day of work for a week! We have Spring Break and it is so good to have some time off! There's not too much new going on with the adoption front, but I've still been super busy! We are excited about our training 2 weeks from today!

Here's the week 11 breakdown:

Puzzle fundraiser: $1939.07 (393 pieces SOLD - 607 still  pieces unnamed...please help us name them all!)

Krafts by Katie: $3962.94

Jewelry Fundraiser: $266.92 (after auction)

CoupAide (gift certificates) Fundraiser: $380  We were at a stand still all week. No buyers.  We currently have 45 buyers which means we are 3 buyers away from our next $100 payout. Can you take advantage of this great deal? You pay $20 for $50 restaurant gift certificate. Awesome WIN for both of us!

GRAND TOTAL: $6548.93

We are ALMOST at 30% of the goal (29.77% to be exact)! This is only after 11 weeks of fundraising! It looks like we have about 31 more weeks of fundraising until we are finished! We are so excited! Thank you for your continued support! We continue to be amazed by God's grace, love, peace, and timing! 

It's a GOOD FRIDAY in many ways today. We are so thankful for the sacrifice our Lord made on our behalf. I don't even have my baby yet, but I cannot imagine allowing them to die for other people (especially those who hated him). That kind of love is so great, and I pray I will have a percentage of that kind of love for my baby! Everyone always says, "when you have a baby, you never knew you could love someone so much." God loved His son more than that, and He loves you and me so very much! 

I pray you know Him. Have a relationship with Him. If you don't, I pray you would find someone who knows Him and ask them about Jesus. Ask me if you like. I would be over the moon happy to talk to you about the LIVING ONE who has SAVED me! 

Happy Easter! Remember the reason for this season. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 10 FUNdraising Friday Update (sorry it's late)!

Ok, so I lied...this must be the So Sorry I'm late "Sunday edition" of the Friday update! I have been going non-stop this weekend, which is why this update may be a bit short. I've got to get a nap in today for at least an hour! But, I'm so dedicated to updating you wonderful supporters, that I couldn't let a week go by without doing an update!

Ok, so we FINALLY got our formal email invitation to our adoption training in Columbia with Bethany. It's April 12th and I'm so excited to get another chunk of the process behind us. I'm not even sure what all goes on at this training, but I'm excited! After this, all that's left is the home study! Oh, and the WAIT! But you knew that:)

Here's the week 10 breakdown:

Puzzle fundraiser: $1759.07 (357 pieces SOLD - still 643 pieces unnamed...please help us name them all!)

Krafts by Katie: $3519.94

Jewelry Fundraiser: $266.92 (after auction)

CoupAide (gift certificates) Fundraiser: $380 (we currently have 45 buyers which means we are 3 buyers away from our next $100 payout. Can you take advantage of this great deal? You pay $20 for $50 gift certificate. Awesome WIN for both of us!

GRAND TOTAL: $5925.93

Thanks for helping us get 26.9% of the way to our ULTIMATE goal of $22,000. It's only been 10 weeks. If we keep going at this pace (raising at least $500 per week), we should be finished in 33 more weeks! Thanks for helping!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 9 FUNdraising Friday Update

Man, it's been THE BEST fundraising week to date. We deposited over $1100! THANK YOU! We had some wonderful people donating what I would call BIG amounts to our puzzle fundraiser this week, and we were just over the moon excited! We received confirmation that all of our paper work was received and that we would be receiving an invitation to the training in April soon. We are looking forward to that next step!

I found something new to make this week, and it's just too precious! Look at these bow holders for little girls!!

I just love them, and they have definitely been popular this week! Another fun kraft I did this week was for ME and I'm in love with it! I can't wait to hang it up!
These are so personal and beautiful in the home! If you see anything you like, please let me know and I'll be happy to do it for you!

Now for the totals:

Puzzle fundraiser: $1519.57 (308 pieces SOLD - still 692 pieces unnamed...please help us name them all!)

Krafts by Katie: $3266.89

Jewelry Fundraiser: $266.92 (after auction)

CoupAide (gift certificates) Fundraiser: $380 (we currently have 41 buyers which means we are 7 buyers away from our next $100 payout. Can you take advantage of this great deal? You pay $20 for $50 gift certificate. Awesome WIN for both of us!

GRAND TOTAL: $5433.38

Thank you for your overwhelming support this week! We are so excited to be 24% of the way to our goal. Please continue to pray for us and if you can contribute, we so appreciate it!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 8 Friday FUNdraising Update

Well, I must say this has been a GREAT week! I prayed the Lord would send me more customers and to continue allowing us to meet our goal of depositing at least $500 a week, AND HE DID IT AGAIN! Right when I thought I would finish my last "paid for" kraft and not having any more orders come in, I was blessed with more orders. It's funny how that works out! So thank you to all of you who continue to order fun krafts by Katie!

I talked about a NEW fundraiser we are doing in my last post, and since then, to date, we have had 29 buyers help us! That is fantastic! We are able to add $10 to our adoption fund for each person who buys a gift certificate! Because they deposit funds into our account in sets of 10, we have currently received $250! So that means we need 6 more buyers so we can deposit our next $100! Do you think you can help? Click on the link above or on the side of the blog to buy! It's a WIN WIN! You get $50 to spend at however you want to FOR ONLY $20, and we get $10 to put in our fund! What a great deal!!

Also, remember that jewelry fundraiser we did a few weeks back? Well, I finally got confirmation of how much we were able to add to our adoption account...............$103.92!! Thank you everyone who came and ordered so that we could add this amount! Every little bit helps! Once the jewelry comes in, I will be auctioning off ALL the free jewelry I received for being a hostess! So, look for that on my facebook page soon! If we aren't "friends," add me so you can bid!

Now for the updated totals:

Puzzle Fundraiser - $928.57 (189 pieces sold - which means 811 are up for grabs...please help us complete our puzzle..only $5 per piece)

Krafts by Katie - $3210.56

Jewelry Fundraiser - $103.92

Coupaide (gift certificates) Fundraiser - $ 250

GRAND TOTAL: $4493.05

WE HAVE REACHED THE 20% MARK!!!!  That's wonderful news! So, the math nerd inside of me is thinking that if we reached the 20% mark in 8 weeks, then we could reach our goal in 35 more weeks if this pace is consistent! I think we can do it!!

Also, we submitted our paper work this week! That is a HUGE weight lifted, and we are excited about getting our invitation to the training in Columbia April 12th! It's nice to continue checking things off the list! And because of our wonderful supporters, we have been able to pay all the fees so far with our fundraising monies! THANK YOU!

Look forward to another update next week! I hope it's as good or better than this week!!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 7 Friday FUNdraising Update

Week 7 has been a slower week, but still a great week overall. For the past two weeks, I have deposited over $700 and this week I'm depositing $557.88. That is still SUPER amazing and still right on target for my goal of depositing at least $500 a week! So again, THANK YOU so much for contributing!

I have some new krafts that will be for sale THIS WEEKEND!! I'm so excited! I announced on my facebook page this week that I would be making glass pendant necklaces! I can put ANYTHING you want on the pendant! I can monogram a cute piece of scrapbook paper or write your name (kids names) across a colored piece of scrapbook paper. I'm sure there's much more I can do with these, and I'm excited to experiment and give you guys what you want!! Here's some example of glass pendant necklaces:

I hope these will be a big hit! Once I make a few, I'll post some pics for you to see!

Another fundraiser happened to drop into my lap this week. A guy posted a comment under one of my blog posts and told me he thought I'd be interested in a fundraiser and to contact him. When I did, he told me that he is the founder of a website called They help families like us fundraise for our adoption. When you spend $20, you get a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant from, and they give us $10 towards our adoption. It's that easy. Go to our fundraising page and buy a gift certificate for you or someone you know for a gift! As of right now (3-1-13 at 10:48pm), we have had 8 buyers!! That means we have $80 more to put toward our adoption! I LOVE this deal because we WIN and YOU WIN! Everyone loves a good deal when you go out to eat! Please share our link with anyone you know!!

Ok, so now for the totals:

Puzzle Fundraiser - $784.16  (160 pieces SOLD!! 840 pieces left that need to be claimed!!) This is such a precious fundraiser because each and every person who helps buy a puzzle piece will have their name FOREVER on this puzzle that helps bring our baby home! We will cherish this forever! Won't you consider hitting the donate button on the right side of the screen? It takes only a couple minutes max:)

Krafts by Katie - $2967.67 (almost $3000...WOW, too cool!)

Premier Jewelry Fundraiser - Still figuring up the total! Should have it soon! Oh, and don't forget...I will be auctioning off (on fb) some of the free jewelry I received for being a hostess SOON! I picked some really pretty things. Check back for more details about when that will be!

TOTAL - $3751.93

Thank you for getting us to 17% of our $22,000 goal this week! Keep sharing with your friends and family! We will get there! We love you guys and are praying for each and every one of you to whom God places in our path!