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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cool new FUNDRAISER where you SCORE BIG!

I was contacted by a guy named Matt who is the founder of a website called He apparently found my blog and left me a message to contact him regarding a possible fundraiser I would be interested in. I emailed Matt and he told me about his company and that they support families seeking adoption.

Have you heard of This is a site that allows you to buy gift certificates for MANY restaurants around the country at a discounted price. Well, Matt and his company have partnered with and are offering a $50 gift certificate for ONLY $20!!!! Of that $20 you pay for your gift certificate, $10 of it goes to our adoption fund. I think that's super cool!

So, if you will, please share our page, Hill Adoption Fundraiser with all of your friends, family, facebook friends, etc. so that we can continue to raise money to make our dreams a reality! Thanks in advance!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 6 Friday FUNdraising Update

HELLO week 6! WOW! What a week full of orders! Thank you! Lots of people are loving the personalized hand stamped necklaces AND I LOVE making them for you. Each one I make is stamped with love and an overwhelming amount of gratitude for your support! Thanks! Here's a few pictures of several made this week:


(I'm wearing this one today because I feel SUPER blessed) $25





I've also been hard at work sending proofs to my wonderful clients of canvases they've asked for. I'm even trying to work on one for our house that I've been meaning to get to for a while now! Hopefully I can get it done this weekend! So, with all that said....

Puzzle Fundraiser - $646.08 (132 pieces sold--meaning we have 868 pieces left)

Krafts by Katie - $2698.86

Jewelry Party Fundraiser - Today is the last day for orders to be placed, so we will know soon how much we received! Also, the free jewelry I will get from the party will be AUCTIONED OFF on facebook. So, if you're not friends with me on facebook, add me so you can BID!

GRAND TOTAL: $3344.94 (We have raised 15% of our goal!!)

There's something I have been thinking about recently as we are getting our paper work ready to submit to Bethany (with another $1000 payment). Lately, we have been so blessed to deposit $500, $600, and even $700 some weeks into our adoption account. I took that $500 number and divided it into how much MORE we need to raise to figure out how many weeks it would take to meet our goal IF we could continue depositing $500+ each week. Last I checked it would take about 39 weeks. Considering the fact that most adoptions take a year or so for waiting parents to be chosen, I think we are right on track with where we need to be with fundraising!

Can you help? We still need A LOT of our puzzle pieces to be named and they are only $5 a piece. I think if all my followers, facebook friends, etc. would just buy ONE piece, that would equate to thousands of dollars.

It starts with just ONE person. Could you help us today? The donate button on the right side of the screen makes it super easy to give. I hope you'll consider it! Thanks for another FABULOUS FRIDAY!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 5 Friday FUNdraising Update

It's week 5 and time for another update! Might I just add that these weeks are just flying by! It seems like just yesterday was Christmas, I was opening a present I didn't know I was getting, and that present turned out to be the starter for this amazing fundraising opportunity! I'm so thankful, and to think it's been almost 2 months is CRAZY!

Just a side note: We are currently in the process of filling out lots of paper work for Bethany. Tomorrow, we are actually going to get fingerprinted in Greenville. Once we get the paper work in with the next fee of $1,000 (THANK YOU, WE HAVE THAT) we will then be set to go to our training in April!

TOTALS so far:

Puzzle pieces project: $426.08 (88 pieces SOLD) We have a LONG way to go! 912 pieces LEFT! Can you help? Click the donate button on the right hand side of the blog and give what you can! Every piece is one piece closer to completing the puzzle!

Krafts by Katie: $2234.74 WOW!


You guys are helping us EACH week to get closer and closer. And's only been 2 months! We are hoping more and more people will learn about our story and help us reach our $22,000 goal. WE CAN DO IT! Keep sharing!

Just this week I was able to get started on my hand-stamped necklaces. These have been so fun to make and I LOVE personalizing EACH and EVERY one! Here's a few I've done so far and if you have any other ideas of anything I could make just for you, let me know!
$25 each

$25 each

$30 each

$25 each

Aren't they gorgeous? I hope you will consider purchasing one for yourself or as a gift for a special lady in your life! Guys, remember, Mother's Day is coming up/Easter etc. and I can imagine you getting MAJOR brownie points for one of these! You can email me directly at or message me on my facebook page.

Thank you again for supporting us as we continue the journey God has called us to! We love you very much!

Katie, XOXO

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hand-stamped Necklaces are HERE!

I'm excited to tell you guys that my handstamped jewelry is in full swing!! I made a couple today that are for sale NOW:

(these are ALL for sale and can come with any of the charms you see)

Doing these are so much fun, and I HOPE you guys really like them. Here's another one I did the other day that's circular:
(this one is sold)

They are all $25. I can personalize them with names or other words of your choice. The two fonts I have shown in these two pictures are what I have available along with an uppercase script font that matches the lowercase font in the circular pendant.

If you are interested, you can go to my Krafts by Katie facebook page and message me to order. I accept paypal and checks. Thanks again for supporting us and I hope this is just one more project I can make for you that will be a special addition to your jewelry box! HUSBANDS....great V-Day present...just thought I'd throw it out there!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 4 Friday FUNdraising Update

Well, I'm squeezing in this update at 11:57pm because I have been GOING, GOING, GOING all day long! Even at work today I was krafting away! Man, after all the "liking" going on the other night on my Kraft's by Katie facebook page, I have gotten SO many new orders. Thank you guys for helping me get my page out there so people can see what we're trying to do to raise money for our adoption!

So, here's the update on what we've raised:

PUZZLE pieces: $392.27 (that's 81 pieces sold so far--919 pieces up for grabs)

Kraft's by Katie: : $1652.26

GRAND TOTAL: $2044.53

WOW! Thank you all for the awesome support, because we can not do this without you!

Remember, you can buy puzzle pieces for $5 each using the donate button on the right side of my blog. I was just thinking that if the 573 people who have "liked" my facebook page just bought ONE puzzle piece, we would be MORE THAN HALF WAY done with the puzzle fundraiser. That's too cool!

As always, please visit my page and see if there's anything you want me to make for you. New things are being made everyday and I try to post a picture of anything new. Maybe you could suggest something new for me to make...I'm always up for a challenge! Mother's day is coming up and GUYS (shhh...but Valentine's Day is THIS THURSDAY--I could squeeze you something in for your special lady if you like)!

Love you guys (to bed I go),


OHHH...and PS, my jewelry stuff is IN!!!!!!!! Let the jewelry making begin! Check my facebook page for how to order!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 3 FUNdraising FRIDAY Update!

Hey guys,

As promised, I have updated our adoption meter and we have raised $1614.85! Compared to our $22,000 goal, that number may seem a bit small, BUT it's HUGE to us! Thank you so much for your help in getting us this far in 38 days! WOW!

Here's the breakdown:

Krafts by Katie - $1383.79

Puzzle Pieces - $231.06 (48 total pieces sold--Paypal takes a percentage of each donation made on their website if you were thinking the math didn't add up)!


So, I'm really excited today because we have DEFINITELY decided to go with Bethany Christian Services. Another reason I'm super excited is because once we submit our application we must send $550 with it. Once they send us a HUGE amount of paperwork for us to fill out, we have to send that back with another $1,000.


After those funds are submitted, we are responsible for paying $300 at our APRIL training and another $1500 for our home study to be completed. The last fee of $500 is due when the home study is approved. THESE are the upfront costs we will be incurring SOON. So, we need your help to raise the remaining $2300 we will pay up front before being put in the BIG BOOK for expectant mothers to view when choosing a family.

Of course, this "small" amount is nothing compared to the balance we will owe once our child is placed with us. The remaining $14,150 is due within a month of placement. After placement, we will need a lawyer to do our finalization and that will cost an additional $2,000-$4,000. So, we've got a ways to go, but we know God is faithful and WILL provide...He will help us do this DEBT FREE. I am confident!

So how can you help today?

There are 952 puzzle pieces waiting to be named! Could your name be one we write on the back of one pieces, 5 pieces, 20 pieces? Could you spare the amount of a movie ticket or a night out to eat? I keep picturing the day when we can explain to our child what this puzzle project was all about and flip it over to show him or her the names of all the wonderful people who helped us take our baby home! You can donate to our puzzle project here:

We are having a Premier Jewelry Fundraiser on Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30pm at our home. We would love to see you there! The jeweler is donating 50% of her earnings to our adoption fund! Won't you come? Visit our facebook event for more details! I will also have some Krafts by Katie items for sale. Can't make it? That's ok! You can bid on some jewelry I will post on my Krafts by Katie facebook page and the items will go to the highest bidders! How fun!

Thank you for your continued support! We are so grateful! Until next Friday, have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and your family!