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Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 25 FUNdraising Friday Update

25 weeks just seems so long...It truly seems like yesterday that we started this journey, and now we are OFFICIALLY waiting. We could literally get a call tomorrow, next week, in a month, a year, etc. The unknown is scary, but exciting! I keep wondering in my little head if I should start looking for nursery stuff, clothes, diapers, bottles, formula...AHH...that is so out of my league right now! But I know it's important to start thinking about it, because it WILL happen. The question is WHEN..

The nursery (gah that sounds weird) will be my current craft room. So, I will have to move all my craft stuff somewhere else to even start getting it ready for a baby. I'll make it worries. I'm good under pressure!

Crafts have definitely been down this summer so far. And that's ok. We just aren't getting to our goal as quickly as we were, but nevertheless, we're getting there. Here's the totals:

Puzzle fundraiser: $4886.52 -- ALL 1000 pieces are SOLD!!!! Thank you!

Krafts by Katie: $9866.16

Jewelry Fundraiser: $266.92 (after auction)

CoupAide (gift certificates) Fundraiser: $520 We currently have 53 buyers! Can you take advantage of this great deal? You pay $20 for $50 restaurant gift certificate. Awesome WIN for both of us!

Paul's Burgers/Silent Auction Fundraiser: $2904.94

Other donations: $820.64

GRAND TOTAL: $19,265.18.............only $2,734.82 left until we meet our goal!

We have completed 87.5% of the goal! Not much more to go! Thank you for continuing to spread the word! I would LOVE to reach our goal by the time school starts back up and I go back to work! It would relieve some stress that wouldn't have to be added to the stress of another school year starting back! And with the digital conversion SHS is undergoing, and laptops being given to every teacher and student, I'm sure my stress level will be out the roof! YIKES!

Until next week! Oh...and by the way, we are headed to IOP in Charleston this coming week so I will be available to take orders, but I won't be working on any at the beach! Just FYI! 


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