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Saturday, July 13, 2013

UPDATE on weekly updates

Hi sweet friends and family!

We just returned from a lovely beach vacation and it was much needed! However, I counted, and a month from yesterday I go back to work. WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE? I'm going to make every attempt to make each day count before heading back to work!

So, I have decided to hold off on the weekly updates for now. Because krafting has been down this summer, I have found my weekly updates to be a bit boring for you faithful readers! I will update you guys on mile marker events, but it won't be weekly anymore.

Right now, our journey is actually a little slow. This is the part where there is not a whole lot we can do, except WAIT! So, in the meantime, I guess now is better than ever to start working on the nursery! Wow, that sounded weird to type that! Me...making a nursery come together...I CAN'T WAIT! If you know me at all, I am super in love with decorating and have a pretty good eye for cuteness! So, I'm excited to start this process! I found the curtain fabric I want today, so it is ordered! Once it's here, mom and I will construct them! They are so me, and SO gender neutral! I tried my best to find a fabric that is super cute, but could be paired with other fabrics to meet a baby girl's needs OR a baby boy's needs! I'll have to give you a sneak peek and keep you on edge until they are finished!

I also have been on the search for an antique dresser to serve the purpose of a changing table AND storage. AND, probably the most important...something they can use as they grow and not think "this is too babyish for my big girl or big boy room." It will be a piece they will have forever (I hope)! So, I scoured Craigslist and found a few I loved, BUT, they were already sold. I went to a few placed today to look and still...nothing! I got on Craigslist again toady and found a GORGEOUS dresser a guy from Greenville is selling and I'm going to pick it up tomorrow! I can't wait to sand it down and paint it! Until then, here's a zoomed in view of my items so I don't give it away!

When everything is finished, I'll post a pic of the nursery progress!

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