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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Forgive my Absence

It's been almost 3 months since my last blog. For all my friends who aren't Facebook "friends" with me, you probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth. I promise I haven't. I have just been more busy than I could have ever imagined. Let me give you a brief summary since my last update:

Since mid July, we have been patiently waiting for "the call." Our family was approved to adopt at the beginning of July and have been waiting ever since. The waiting part actually hasn't been so bad (yet) because of how busy I have been. I truly believe the Lord knew what He was doing when he slowed my Krafts by Katie business down in the summer time. After our big fundraiser, the orders slowed down tremendously. At that time, we were about $3,000 away from our goal and I wanted to hurry and meet that goal. I couldn't understand why I was so busy from December to June and now, all of a sudden, I wasn't. But God knew.

He placed a very special opportunity in my path. I was contacted by an acquaintance I went to high school with to do some vinyl monogramming for her mom's online business. This girl knew my story and thought I could be of help to her mom, so she got me in touch and the rest is history. Dana Halliday owns an online business called She sells monogrammed totes, insulated lunch boxes, bags, etc. Her newest item though, was this cute little plastic, go anywhere, set of four wine glasses that she thought would be super cute if monogrammed. What's even cooler is that she was contacted by Southern Living and asked if she could send them some samples for the August edition. Once the magazine hit stands and mailboxes, the orders FLEW in!

At this time, I was 2 weeks from going back to work. I was literally sitting at the computer, cutting vinyl monograms, and sticking them on cups all day every day. The orders came so quickly that I felt like I could not catch up. They finally slowed a little bit around week 4 or 5 and now I still receive about 20-30 orders a week. This probably goes without saying, but we hit our goal after only a few weeks of monogramming these glasses for Dana. In the midst of the hectic days of monogramming like crazy, I was just go, go, go, but when I look back, I can see God knew much more than I did. There was no way I could have handled all the krafts I was doing before AND this new venture. His plans are much higher than our plans, and His ways are so much better than our ways.

So, I'm just a girl with 2 jobs, a sweet and patient with me husband, and loving dog to keep me company until a baby changes our world. I think I mentioned in my last blog that I was starting the nursery. It's pretty much almost done now. Here's a pic:
The only things not done are the bed skirts and the rocker cushions. The collage will be filled with photos of our sweet little one. I'm in love with this room. Sometimes, I'll go lay in there and picture the moments I'll share with our baby when he/she comes. I think of how things will change forever. For the good. The sleepless nights. The coos. The feedings. The jealous dog. The changing of diapers. There are so many things I've got to learn! 

Anyway, forgive me again for waiting so long to blog. We are still here and still waiting. We know God has great plans. We can't wait to see them unfold. 


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