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Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 23 FUNdraising Friday Update

After an overwhelming (but good) week last week, this week has been a little down. I've still got orders coming in, but it's much slower now that summer has set in. At first I thought that may be a bad thing, but it definitely gives me a break and allows me to not be SO consumed with krafting all the time. Maybe God just knew I needed some time for me. However, God is cool in that He provided that "over $500 deposited goal" this week. He still hasn't let us down on our weekly deposit goal. I SERIOUSLY thought there was NO way we'd deposit that much this week until Jason came home this morning after going by the bank. Someone had read our story and given my dad $100 check to give us. God thing right??!!

Speaking of time for me, that is just what I've gotten this week! For those of you who know me and my husband, you know that he is a complete work out (train is his word for it) junkie! He gets up at 4:45 or so each morning, cooks a healthy breakfast (that he prepares the night before), and gets himself to the gym before work. Now, I pretty much mastered the get up and cook a good breakfast part, but getting up that early was something I just didn't understand. I used to think he was CRAZY for doing this and I never understood how ANYONE could it. BUT...I decided to join him this week. YES, I bit the bullet, went to bed a little earlier, and got up and TRAINED hard!

Let's go back a little bit. When I was younger (and admittedly, still now) I used to wonder how people could just "let themselves go." How do you look so great in high school (and maybe even college) and then just gain 50 pounds? Well, I certainly have not gained 50 pounds, but I have put on 20 pounds since I remember weighing 125 in college (so you math people, yes, that means I currently weigh 145). That blows my mind. It's been a slow gain, but goodness, that's ridiculous! I started noticing more recently that my arms looked big and flabby and I had (oh gosh I don't want to say it.......) back fat. YUCK! So, after going to the Carolina Super Natural body building competition last Saturday (that my husband WON last year), I decided I needed to make a change. And not for a season. For life! So here begins my journey to a healthier lifestyle that I can keep up!

I have been more sore this week than EVER in my life. Even though it hurts, it means change is happening. Jason has helped me so much to get up, get going, and work those muscles! I've actually been doing 2 - a - days! I go back for cardio later in the day. So, this marks the first Friday of pics and what kind of pics might you ask? #FLEXFRIDAY pics! I was never a big "instagrammer" but I am now! I love following all these fitness pros and getting tips on diet and exercise. It's really cool to see the transformations of many pros out there! If they can do it, so can I! Here's our 1st #flexfriday pic from today!
let's see how my muscles change and grow each week!! I'm excited!
Meanwhile, when I haven't been working out, I've had several orders placed this week and I've got about 9 to finish. Looking for more if anyone is interested! Visit my krafts page here to see some of the cool things I make! I will ship to you if you need it!

Here's the totals for this week:

Puzzle fundraiser: $4886.52 -- ALL 1000 pieces are SOLD!!!! Thank you!

Krafts by Katie: $9609.01

Jewelry Fundraiser: $266.92 (after auction)

CoupAide (gift certificates) Fundraiser: $520 We currently have 53 buyers! Can you take advantage of this great deal? You pay $20 for $50 restaurant gift certificate. Awesome WIN for both of us!

Paul's Burgers/Silent Auction Fundraiser: $2904.94

Other donations: $611.20

GRAND TOTAL: $18,798.59.............only $3201.41 left until we meet our goal!

So we have reached 85.4% of our goal! Anyone want to just write a check for the remainder? LOL! Just kidding! We are so close and I'm excited for the day I can tell you guys that our goal is met! I love that little thermometer that keeps up with our goal each week! Too cool! If you haven't noticed it, it's on the sidebar at the top. 

This 23rd week also marked another milestone. We had our last home study appointment with our case worker. So, she will be working on typing up our home study within the next week or so. Once it's approved, we'll be on the list waiting! More on that process in another post!

Thanks again for all you supporters out there who are rooting us on! We love ya!


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