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Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 16 FUNdraising Friday Update

This is the week I've been waiting for! We are currently 4 months into fundraising. I knew in the past we had raised well over $700 in a one week span, but I was wondering if we would hit that $10,000 milestone or not (because last week we were so close). Well, yesterday around this time, we had about $575 ready to deposit. Ok, so we would be a little short of the $10,000, but that's ok because depositing that much is still GREAT! 

WELL, today, God poured down His blessings on us BIG TIME! With many more last minute Mother's Day orders coming in as well as a $420 donation we were able to deposit $1431.97. This is a weekly record-highest weekly amount deposited. Praise the Lord! God is good and NOW, we are ALMOST half way to our MAJOR GOAL of $22,000. Check it out:

Here's the week 16 breakdown:

Puzzle fundraiser: $3608.15 (743 pieces SOLD - 257 pieces unnamed...please help us name them all!) We are so close to finishing this puzzle! I can't wait to start putting it together! 

Krafts by Katie: $6302.00

Jewelry Fundraiser: $266.92 (after auction)

CoupAide (gift certificates) Fundraiser: $520 We currently have 52 buyers! Can you take advantage of this great deal? You pay $20 for $50 restaurant gift certificate. Awesome WIN for both of us!

GRAND TOTAL: $10,697.07.............OMG we're in a 5 digit figure!!!!!!

These moments (each Friday) as I sit down and analyze all these figures, my heart is full of joy, gratitude, unworthiness, and peace. I will always remember those of you who have helped us get to the NOW. When you thought your $5 wasn't good enough....think again! THANK YOU! You guys are helping us make this possible and you will be forever in our hearts because of the sacrifice you have made.

Again, as I mentioned last week, we will be holding another fundraiser soon! Please go ahead and write this date on your calendar: FRIDAY, JUNE 14th, 2013! More details are to come, so keep watching out for those! 


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  1. katie. thank u for all YOUR hard work and amazing jewelry. u will help make this a mothers day my mom wont forget. god is good and he rewards those who praise him. he will always bless us believers who worship in his name. i wish u the best and am so proud to hear just how far u have came!!!! xoxo, mischelle johnson